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Fri, Oct. 21st, 2005, 10:36 pm


Joe: Joe got home after another day of paper pushing in the basement of the White House and expected to sit on his couch and absently watch TV and maybe poke at some work before going to bed by himself.

Amy: Amy left work early, to go to the Dupont Gym to work off some steam. She was rather upset that CJ was too tired and ill to work a full day, yet had no problem attending a U2 concert. She felt somewhat better after her workout and a sauna and stopped off to pick up some things at the grocery. "Honey? I'm home."

Joe: Joe, who had half nodded off watching TV was instantly back awake when he realized who the voice was from. "Your home early, I didn't expect to see you until my late night kiss goodnight."

Amy: "I thought I'd surprise you." And after dumping the groceries on the counter, she landed a quick kiss on the top of his head before heading off to the bedroom.

Joe: "Well consider myself surprised."

Amy: "Keeps you on your toes." And she quickly changed into her comfortable clothes, before swooping back to the kitchen. "Did you eat?"

Joe: "I had lunch late so I didn't eat yet, why are you hungry?"

Amy: "I'm cooking!" She called out, quite obviously from the sounds of pots banging on the counter.

Joe: "Thank God." Joe says quietly to himself, he loves it when Amy cooks. "What are you making?"

Amy: "Minestra Maritata" she called back as she emptied the grocery bags. "Should be ready in 20 minutes." And she scrounged around in the freezer for the chicken broth she had made last month.

Joe: "Ok. I didn't understand either of those two words, but I'm sure if your making it it will be good."

Amy: "It's soup. Italian Wedding Soup." And she dumped the frozen broth into her stock pot. "Could you open the Greco di Tufo?"

Joe: "OK Italian Wedding I know, and love, sure I'll get it."

Amy: "Thanks honey." And as the broth melted, she began chopping the carrots. "What's new with you?"
Joe: "With me nothing." Joe wondered if he should bring up the information he heard about during his late lunch that day, information about Amy's ex-boyfriend.

Amy: "You lead a boring life, my dear." And she pushed the carrots aside and attacked the onion.

Joe: "Your just now understanding that."

Amy: "Yep." And she pushed the veggies into a saute pan, noting that her husband had opened the correct bottle of wine. She rewarded him with a smile, he was progressing nicely in his finer graces tutelage. "I hope you don't mind that I didn't put the celery in. I hate celery."

Joe: "It's alright, it soup it's cut up so small I usually don't notice it anyway.

Amy: She just nodded as she sauteed the vegetables, a rather critical part of the whole process. "Could you get me the Madeira? It's on the liquor cart."

Joe: "Alright." Couldn't these things have more normal names? Joe thinks to himself.

Amy: She took the bottle from him, "Thanks, Hon." and she poured a generous amount in the saute pan, enjoying the sizzle and fragrance of the liquor. As that reduced, she added the acini de pepe to the broth. "CJ is an idiot."

Joe: Where the hell did that come from? "Why do you say that?"

Amy: "Because she is one." And she started to chop the spinach. Rather she started hacking away at the poor spinach.

Joe: "Wel,l would explain to me why you think she is an idiot." Joe really was perplexed by this sudden change in conversation.

Amy: Amy starts to wave the knife around, to express her points, "She's been posting crap publicly, she’s shrinking her job duties, and she went to a concert." Like that would explain it all. She drops the knife with a bang and then eases the Italian meatballs, the one the butcher around the corner was know for, into the broth.

Joe: "Ok could you explain that again, in clearer language, and what concert?"

Amy: And into the spice cabinet she peers, adding a bit of this and a lot of that to the soup. "She has been posting her grievances with the world at Live Journal, unlocked, for anyone to see. And anyone can figure out who she is talking about. She just comes in and lays on the sofa all day. And she went to the U2 concert this evening." As though that explanation would make any sense. "Let's sit down, the spinach doesn't go in yet." And she flips on the oven before grabbing her wine glass and proceeding to the sofa.

Joe: As Joe follows his wife to the couch he says. "Ok. So she is ranting in public, lounging all day, and going to concerts. The LiveJournal thing I guess I can understand why it's not smart, but I still don't get why it add's up to CJ being an idiot."

Amy: Amy just stares at her husband, like that isn't enough of a reason?

Joe: Joe sees the death statre his wife is giving him, apparently he should have gotten it by now. "Well - it's just that idiot is a bit of a harsh word, and posting public rants doesn't seem like something bad enough to be called an idiot."

Amy: "Idiot - A foolish or stupid person. That isn't a harsh word. A supposed media expert posting about personal issues involving politicans and buerocracts on the internet? Maybe fuckup would be apt. That's harsher." And she sipped her wine, thinking that would be the more appropriate word.

Joe: Ok, she was really pissed. "Alright I'll grant your premise. Why do you care> You’re in charge now, if it becomes an issue you can order her to stop and if she won't you can fire her."

Amy: "Because it reflects on the campaign. And if I can't keep her in check, what's it telling the rest of the staff?" And she popped up, to go add the spinach to the soup, and to place the bread in the oven to warm.

Joe: "So tell her to stop." Joe yelled at his wife.

Amy: "Yeah, like she'd listen." And she considered whether to serve the soup in a tureen with the cheese on the side, or in earthernware soup platters, with the cheese broiled on top. "Where do you want to eat?"

Joe: "I'm fine sitting here on the couch with my wife."

Amy: "K" Earthen ware it is. She checks the bread and gets out some Parmigiano-reggiano. "Could you clean off the cocktail table?"

Joe: "Sure." Joe reaches and grabs the pile of papers he was working on before Amy got home and just dropped them on the floor next to the couch.

Amy: "Placemats are in the cupboard." And she spooned the soup into the bowls, adding the cheese. Out came the bread and in went the soup. "Soup spoons and butter knives."

Joe: "Alright."

Amy: And after doing some quick clean-up in the kitchen, dinner was done. Amy carefully carried the bowls out to the table and set them down, then back to the kitchen for the bread and butter. She stood a moment to enjoy the presentation before sitting next to Joe.
Joe: Joe leaned in to his wife before reaching down and grabbing his soup bowl and a dry piece of bread. After taking a taste he says "Par excellence."

Amy: "Thanks" and she took a bite, "umm."

Joe: "Your welcome."

Amy: After enjoying some soup, Amy thought some conversation might be in order. "So, you're still hanging out in the basement? Didn't I tell you the importance of circulating about the hallways?" Amy is afraid Joe is backsliding in his social ability as she isn't around to drag him out of the cellar.

Joe: "Well, I did go to the Mess for my lunch today, but since it was late there weren't many people there, although it was easier to hear what people talk about at lunch."

Amy: "Oh?" Amy gives her husband an inquiring glance.

Joe: Dammit Joe chides himself, he said too much. "Yeah I kinda overheard something that you may or may not be interested in."

Amy: Now she was intrigued, "Okay, spill."

Joe: "Well I kinda heard something along the lines of Josh, getting married in secret and people being annoyed at not being included."

Amy: "Oh, that." Amy was rather dismissive about her ex's nuptials. "That's why CJ's an idiot."

Joe: "Huh?"

Amy: She had forgotten to mention to Joe the tie-in of that her previous rant. "She posted it in her Journal, tipping everyone off."

Joe: "Oh I see, I should start reading those things again, apparently I'm missing some things."

Amy: "Yeah, you're missing a hell of a lot." Amy frowned a bit, "Don't post anything publicly, Joe."

Joe: "Oh don't worry, I haven't put anything in there in over a month, and that was a private entry."

Amy: "Okay, You don't want anything to show up at your confirmation hearings."

Joe: “Oh I'm sure they have some ex-hacker on staff just to break through that kind of thing, but don't worry I wouldn't post anything damaging even in a private entry."

Amy: She thought about that a second, then peered at him, "What would you have that is damaging to post about?"

Joe: "Well nothing actually, but it's always a possibility, like if I actually was an agent of evil Republicans here to destroy the White House, starting on my first day by bringing down John Hoynes and getting him replaced with the laughable Bingo Bob. Honestly the last time I posted privately it was saying how much I missed you, and I made it private because we we're keeping the marriage private."

Amy: She sniffed a bit, she could needle him all she wanted, but she didn't take it well herself. "So you are really a spy."

Joe: "Yes, I'm Secret Agent 96 of CONTROL, I brought down John Hoynes because he was secretly a KAOS agent." Joe says with sarcasm.

Amy: "What?" She looked at him blankly.

Joe: "Yeah, I thought you might not get that, it's from a very old TV show I love."

Amy: "You watch too much tv."

Joe: "In my defense I watched that particular show when I was younger."

Amy: "Your parents let you watch tv?" And she stared at him as though that was a form of child abuse.

Joe: "Let me, you say that like it's something they could stop."

Amy: She frowned a bit, "They let you sit in front of the tv whenever you felt like it?"

Joe: "Well after my homework was done usually they didn't object. I'm not much of an outside person, plus I wasn't exactly the most outgoing person before college."

Amy: "And you've blossomed since?" Ah, yes. The sarcasm is back.

Joe: "Well college was good to me, so was law school, but I guess I kinda reverted after I graduated, hence you dragging me out of the basement."

Amy: "Ah, and how was college /good/?" She said it in a way that inferred it wasn't.

Joe: "Well, the first 3 years, mildly good, the last year, very very good. Law School very good when time allowed." Joe said trying not to let everything go, he was talking to his wife after all, who apparently didn't exist before college.

Amy: "Define good."

Joe: "Satisfied." Joe liked this, she deserved some of her own medicine.

Amy: "Ah, well.” And the intonation of her well indicated how unwelcome that response was. “I'm glad you got good satisfaction, cause you sure as hell ain't getting any tonight."

Joe: Joe was disappointed, but he decided it was time to push the wife a bit, they had silently agreed not to pry into the past of the other, but she wanted to push. "Well I wasn't expecting to anyway, so I guess it's back to the original plan of falling asleep alone and waking up alone."

Amy: She glared at him, "What that hell is that supposed to mean?"

Joe: "That I didn't expect you to come home early and that I expected not to see you in the morning, just like it has been and will be until next year November. Amy I said I was fine with it but I will admit there are times when the lower brain thinks 'Ugg want woman'."

Amy: Okay, she was all right with that, as it was understandable. But he was avoiding her original question. "So, did the lower brain rule in college? Hence the Good Satisfaction?"

Joe: "The lower brain took over senior year." Joe wasn't going to tell her why.

Amy: "Oh, is that when the ‘men do stupid things’ thing happened?" She used air quotes to bracket the issue she had been meaning to raise for quite a while.

Joe: Damn. He hoped that after she failed to wake him up that morning that that had been forgotten. "No that happened before it, and the failure of the stupid things led to the lower brain taking over."

Amy: "Oh. " And she looked at him, waiting for him to expound.

Joe: Joe knew she wanted more, but he wasn't going to just open up about his past, especially considering she always shut down any attempts on his part to talk about her past.

Amy: He didn't answer, and seemed to be getting his /stubborn/ expression. She frowned and stood, wordlessly taking her dinner things to the kitchen. He could clean up his own damn mess.

Joe: Joe watched Amy just up and leave, fuming a bit to himself about how hypocritical she was being. She was Fort Knox when it came to her past, the only thing he ever got out was that she had a daughter somewhere. Joe felt she shouldn't get so pissed about him not talking about having his heart ripped out and stomped on, admittedly not as bad as having a daughter ripped from your arms but still a bad experience. Waiting until Amy was done cleaning her things Joe got up and took his to the kitchen, washed them off, and put them in the dishwasher, before going back to the couch to pick up his papers and put them back into this briefcase.

Amy: Amy silently took her briefcase and got out some things she had been carrying around, to read when she had some time. Not that she took off early from work to read. Damn him. She ignored him when he came back to the room.

Joe: Joe saw Amy just sitting there, still pissed that he won't open up to her like she would never do for him, so he decides to ignore her and turn the TV back on. The annoyance led him to turn to every Democrats favorite channel, Fox News, and watch Hannity and Colmes, and loving every time Hannity opened his mouth.

Amy: Okay, two could play this game. She gets up and digs through her cd collection. Soon Mick isn't getting any satisfaction either.

Joe: Joe tried to hide his smirk at what Amy was doing, if she only knew how much he loved that song, especially during his early high school years when he tried and tried but couldn't get any satisfaction, until a certain woman stopped being just a classmate.

Amy: She saw his smirk - damn him. She used the remote to skip to the next song, "Time is On My Side."

Joe: The woman was devious, she actually thought that I am so devoted to her that if she let me go I would run back to her. Joe decided not to let himself start a fight over a song like that. So he decided to not respond at all, he wondered what he should do next, it was too early to go to bed, but he didn't want to leave and go somewhere because he would have to come back home and he didn't want to give her the satisfaction of having him do that.

Amy: She glanced at him, his indecision was blatant. Fine. Let him stew. She got up to go into kitchen and pour herself another glass of wine.

Joe: Just as Joe was close to just going into the bedroom a hero came to his rescue, Henry walked over and whined to him, showing that he needed to go outside, delighted that he had an excuse now to get out of the apartment he said to him quietly. "Thanks boy, just let me go grab something." Joe decided that he needed something to help him think. Joe went into the bedroom and opened the locked wooden box that he had brought with him from his old apartment, pulled out a Don Tomas robusto, his cutter and mini-torch, locked it back up, put it away and went to get Henry's leash and led him out the door without saying word one to Amy.

Amy: Well. Damned dog is a traitor. Last time she buys him Kibbles and Bits - plain old Dog Chow from now on.. She picked up her cell phone and dialed an unlisted number.

Joe: Stopping just outside the building Joe clipped the end off of his cigar, and lit it, taking a long puff off of it and saying to himself and probably Henry. "What am I going to do with her? She won't tell me a damned thing but gets pissed when I won't tell her everything. What do you think I should do Henry?" Getting nothing but a stare that said come on I need to go Joe sighed to himself and let Henry lead him.

Amy: Amy's phone conversation had been rather short. Now she needed to decide whether or not to follow Elizabeth's advice. She got up and went to the window, her eyes following the red glow as it moved down the street.

Joe: After Henry had finished Joe decided to take a long way back home so he had time to think and to finish his cigar. He didn't like fighting with Amy, the last time they had a big fight it almost ended the relationship, but he still couldn't get over how she was acting. Finally after walking for about a half hour, and finishing his cigar, he got back to the apartment and let Henry loose. Seeing Amy on the couch Joe sighed to himself, he had intended to lie down there and not get up until the next morning, but instead he knew that this thing was going to continue.

Amy: "You came back." The room was silent, the wine glass was gone, as were Amy's papers.
Joe: "Well yeah, where did you think I would end up, I live here?” She looked a bit calmer, maybe humor would work. "Plus I wouldn't want you calling the cops on me accusing me of dognapping."

Amy: She gave a mere hint of a smile, but she didn't respond to his comments.

Joe: Joe caught her suppressing her smile, hoping that that meant that his joke had broken through her annoyance at him.

Amy: Elizabeth had been right, she needed to give a little. She patted the sofa next to her. "Come on, let's talk."

Joe: Joe looked a little leary, "Will this be talking or more of earlier, because of it's the latter I think we have done enough of that for one night."

Amy: "No, this is communcating."

Joe: "Alright, lets communicate.” Joe sat down next to his wife, waiting for her to communicate with him.

Amy: "So?"

Joe: "So what?"

Amy: "Communicate." She said encouragingly.

Joe: "What do you want me to communicate about."

Amy: "Whatever it is you think we need to talk about."

Joe: She wants alright she'll get it. "Alright, I just find it a bit interesting that you seemed to get annoyed with me for not spilling everything about my past when you don't ever tell me anything about yours."

Amy: "Well, that's cause my past is done and over with and there isn't any need to drag it out and rehash it."

Joe: "Well you could say the same about mine, or anyone for that matter."

Amy: "So why are we talking about this?”

Joe: "I dunno, because you asked."

Amy: "Because you mentioned it."

Joe: "Yeah but I didn't mean it to turn into this."

Amy: "Into what?"

Joe: "A big thing that would lead to me taking long walks to avoid coming home."

Amy: "Well, I don't why you felt the need to do that."

Joe: "Because I didn't want to keep playing passive aggressive games."

Amy: "I don't play games."

Joe: "Then what was playing the Rolling Stones songs if not being passive aggressive."

Amy: "I was making an aural point.

Joe: "Right, that I wouldn't be getting any satisfaction, and that no matter what I would always come back."

Amy: "See, you got my point."

Joe: "Yes, the problem is that the first one amused me instead of snarked me, and the second one annoyed me a bit, thinking that you have me on some sort of leash and that I am so blindly yours that no matter what you did I would come back."

Amy: "You're free to go whenever you wish."
Joe: "Amy the point is not that I want to go, but that you assume that I am just a puppy blindly following you."

Amy: She becomes a bit indignant. "I never made that assumption. Why would you think that?"

Joe: "The song saying you'll always come back to me."

Amy: "And that's a bad thing?"

Joe: "Well based on the mood you were in I didn't think it was meant as a compliment, especially after your previous song was saying I wouldn't get any satisfaction."

Amy: "Well you weren't, not after your hissy fit."

Joe: "Hissy fit, I was being as guarded as you usually are, I wasn't having a hissy fit."

Amy: "I'm guarded?"

Joe: "About talking about your past yes."

Amy: She looked down at her hands, hoping to avoid that conversation. "Its very painful to discuss."

Joe: "And I understand that, and I'm also willing to admit that my past probably isn't as painful as yours but there are things that hurt me and I don't like talking about them either. Only one person knows everything and thats because he was there the whole time."

Amy: She kept looking at her hands, and sighed. She turned to her husband and looked him straight in the eyes, "What would you like to know?"